The best programming resources I read in 2017


As you already know, I like to read a lot.
Here is a list of some of the programming resources I found more interesting in 2017.

Scala and Functional Programming

Scala with cats
Monads are not metaphors
The Making of an IO - Daniel Spiewak
An IO Monad for Cats
John A. De Goes, The Design of the Scalaz 8 Effect System
John A. De Goes, A Beginner-Friendly Tour through Functional Programming in Scala
Functional and Reactive domain modeling
Professor Frisby’s Mosly adequate guide to functional programming
Pathikrit Bhowmick, Scala Meta Live Coding Session
Functors, Applicatives, And Monads In Pictures
Composing Software
The evolution of scalable microservices

Web development

5 Real World Uses cases for Redis
Graphql Graphcool How To GraphQL
Build Services on a Backbone of Events
Modules vs. microservices
How Netflix works


CS 20: Tensorflow for Deep Learning Research
Oxford Deep NLP 2017
Reactive Machine Learning Systems
Neural Networks Zoo
Grokking Deep Learning
Neural Networks And Deep Learning
Jason Mayes Machine Learning 101


Secure By Design
Cyber Security Base with F‑Secure

What about Yours?
Keep Learning
Until next time