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Dec 10, 2019

How to count the number of results with AWS Amplify DynamoDB and GraphQL

Ho to paginate the results with DynamoDB?


Feb 22, 2018

Quick recipe: How to connect multiple Docker containers

Learn how to build a network of containers


Jan 28, 2018

The best programming resources I read in 2017

Here is a list of some of the programming resources I found most interesting

scalafunctional programmingdeep learningsecuritymachine learning

Jul 21, 2017

How to protect your RESTful APIs in Lift with JWT

How to add authentication to your REST APIs


Jun 02, 2017

Type Classes in Scala: A Practical Example

A guided practical tour of the Type Class pattern

scalafunctional programmingtype class

May 14, 2017

Functional Programming and Category Theory

Want to improve your functional programming skills?

scalafunctional programmingcategory theorymonads

Feb 17, 2017

Human Friendly errors for Scala

Learn how to make Scala errors more human friendly

scalafunctional programming

Feb 16, 2017

Building Secure Software With a Card Game

Have you ever heard of OWASP Cornucopia?

owaspsecure developmentcornucopia

Feb 01, 2017

How to conditionally render HTML with Scala and the Lift Framework

Learn how to render HTML conditionally with Scala and Lift

scalalift framework

Mar 20, 2016

Isomorphic Web Applications with Scala and ScalaJs

Learn how to integrate ScalaJs in a Scala project

scalascalajsisomorphic web application

Feb 29, 2016

Scala & Lift and the record lifecycle callbacks

Learn how to hook the model lifecycle with custom code

scaladesign patternlift framework