Riccardo Sirigu Driven by curiosity

Human Friendly errors for Scala

Sometimes Scala compiler errors can be too cryptic and scare beginners away

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Building Secure Software With a Card Game

If you are like me you like designing and building robust and secure software. Security analysis is hard and can be tedious but doesn’t have to be.
What about if it was a game?

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How to conditionally render HTML with Scala and the Lift Framework

You have a piece of HTML like the following

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Isomorphic Web Applications with Scala and ScalaJs

What is an isomorphic web application?

An isomorphism is a mathematical term used to indicate that two things, from an high level perspective, are essentialy the same.
In the context of web applications it means that we have code shared between the front-end and the back-end.
It also means that we can execute the client side code on the server.
With no doubt a more clear and less scary term is Universal web application.

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Scala & Lift and the record lifecycle callbacks

I was digging around the source code of our project when I noticed spread in many snippets, code that perform the same action (such as send a push notification to a user) after a particular object gets persisted in the database (for example when a new chat message is sent) or when a change of state happens (a payment for a particular order has been made).

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