CISSP, Head Of Application Security @Abissi

Fighting for a foundationally secure (cyber) world.

Hi, I'm Riccardo Sirigu, an experienced cybersecurity professional with over a decade of software engineering and cybersecurity expertise. I'm dedicated to assisting companies in crafting and delivering secure products, prioritizing a 'security by design' philosophy. I also provide expert training in vital application security principles.


What I do

Professional Training

Tailor-made courses on how to build software following the best practices of secure coding.

Security By Design

Embedding security practices into the design and architecture of products, instead of treating it as an afterthought

Penetration Test

Conducting simulated cyber attacks on computer systems to assess their susceptibility to exploitable vulnerabilities.

Secure Coding & Review

Examining an application's source code manually with the aim of detecting any potential vulnerabilities present in it.