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Quick recipe: How to connect multiple Docker containers

This will be a quick one.
You have two or more Docker containers and you want them to communicate with each other. Here is how you do it.

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The best programming resources I read in 2017

As you already know, I like to read a lot.
Here is a list of some of the programming resources I found more interesting in 2017.

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How to protect your RESTful APIs in Lift with JWT

You have a RESTful api as a source of data for your mobile applications or a reactjs/angular/vue/whatever frontend, and you, as a security conscious software engineer (or a good student that follows these security guidelines ) want to protect your precious endpoints from unwanted eyes.

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Type Classes in Scala: A Practical Example

Say you want to extend a particular class (type) with some new functionality but you can’t access the source code.. or perhaps you can but you don’t want to use inheritance and subtype polimorphism..

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Functional Programming and Category Theory

Here you are.

For a long time you had the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.
During your functional programming journey you started hearing things like monads, functor, applicative, group, semigroup.
Maybe even kleisli or natural transformations.
Scary terms, I know. It’s late at night.
Then you suddenly wake up in your room and remember that not long ago someone told you about category theory.
Maybe that’s the answer you are looking for…

Knock Knock Neo..

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